Be Well Massage and Studio

Massage Techniques

• Swedish Massage
Swedish massage relaxes muscles, improves circulation, stretches the ligaments and tendons, and relaxes and stimulates the skin and nervous system. It can help reduce emotional and physical stress. Strokes are gliding and gentle, and varying degrees of pressure are used.

• Myofascial Massage
Myofascial techniques are incorporated to help the muscles lengthen without the feeling of intense pressure. Imagine the elastic material covering your muscles stretching and opening to allow your muscles to release underneath.

• Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage incorporates thumb pressure as well as elbow, knuckles and palms to enable a deeper release of the muscles. This is done only after the client has achieved a state of relaxation to allow for deeper work.

• Energy Work
Energy work balances and eases the energy flow of the body. Shiatsu techniques, such as gentle rocking and finger pressure on acupressure points, open up the energy meridians. Gentle holding positions create a peaceful balance as the body releases tension through breath.

• Aromatherapy
Adding essential oils to your massage can help you to achieve deeper relaxation, clear your mind, and uplift your mood. The essential oil is blended with massage lotion and applied to your body with gentle gliding strokes.

• Hot and Cold Treatments
Heat works wonders in opening up muscles for deeper work without discomfort. A heat pack or hot towel is placed on specific areas of your body during the massage. The weight of the pack, combined with heat is very nurturing and calming. The moist heat of the towel allows the heat to penetrate deeper into the muscles. Cold packs are used to help reduce inflammation.

• 3/4-Side and Side Lying Positioning
The side positioning alleviates the need for the face cradle in the traditional face-down position. You will lay on your side with pillows placed along the mid-line of your body for support. Both sides of your body are massaged as a deeper stretching and lengthening of your shoulder area, lower back, and hips is achieved. Clients report that they feel much more comfortable in this position.