Be Well Massage and Studio

On-site Massage & Workshops

Therapeutic massage can come to your location, for any occasion. Our qualified and friendly staff is available to perform therapeutic massage using a specially designed massage chair. The recipients remain fully clothed, so the massage can happen almost anywhere! Each massage can last from 10-20 minutes, depending on how your event is booked. Consider massage therapy for Bridal & Baby showers, Birthday, Graduation, & Anniversary parties, Reunions, Spa Parties…

Corporate massage is the perfect way to reward employees and inspire wellness. Just 15 minutes can alleviate muscle stiffness and fatigue associated with the workplace. Employees who receive massage at work report that they feel more refreshed and productive with a heightened sense of well being. Consider massage therapy for health fairs, trade shows, quarterly rewards, bonus programs, fundraising events…

$80/hour within 15 miles of Haddonfield
$85/hour outside 15 miles of Haddonfield
2-hour minimum.

*Special pricing available for ongoing Corporate Wellness Programs. Please contact us for more information.

On-site massage for private sessions are available for those people with special needs or circumstances. Prices begin at $85 per hour and increase based on travel time from Haddonfield. We do our very best to create a professional therapeutic massage experience at your location.

Schedule a workshop to learn how to give the gift of massage to those you care about. This interactive workshop will provide a way for you to grow closer to your loved ones while enabling you to help reduce stress and tension in their body and mind. Each participant will give and receive a full-body massage. Specific positions and techniques will be presented and we will discuss when massage is not appropriate for different conditions and diseases. Participants will receive informative materials explaining the benefits of regular massage, including pictures and descriptions. The individual class is structured as one 2.5 hour session, and the group class is one 3 hour session.

Individual 2.5 Hour Class (2 people): $300
Group 3 Hour Class (6-10 people): $475